JAARS Passport to Christmas
Teaching elementary school students about the Ketengban people from Indonesian Papua
and how Wycliffe is translating the Bible in their heart language.

Doing my best to look authentic! 

Talking to my "passenger" about the King who laid in a manger.

My co-pilot from the audience.

Christmas Sunglasses!

2013 Family Pictures

Very fashionable in their paper bag hats!
Street Festival in Monroe, NC

Lots of snow on our ski trip to West Virginia.

Beautiful countryside in Virginia

Volunteering in our Waxhaw community.

Scout Troop

Home School Group Touring the Legislative Building in Raleigh, NC

Yes we cook in the garage at Thanksgiving.
Camping with the Sanders Family

Grammy loves exploring nature with the boys.

Our Fleet!

Our neighbors (from Dalian, China) came to JAARS Day. 

Boys selling popcorn to raise money for their Scout Troop.

Planting around our rental home. We are so blessed to have such a nice home!

Taking our church youth group out for a fun night of laser tag and bowling.

Touring a Korean church group through the software development department at JAARS.

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